KOFFEE MAMEYA -Kakeru- / 14sd / Fourteen stones design


(English below)

〈KOFFEE MAMEYA -Kakeru-〉(コーヒーマメヤ -カケル-)は、バリスタの國友栄一氏による〈KOFFEE MAMEYA〉(2017)の新業態である。これまでのカウンタースタイルだけでなく、客席を設けることで、コーヒー1杯からコースやペアリング、カクテルなどのフルサービスまでを堪能できる。

設計を始めるにあたり、この場所ならではの佇まいを残す倉庫の外観はできるだけそのままに、新しく計画したサービスを表したキューブ型カウンターを内包した直方体だけを建物に挿入したような空間構成とした。これは國友氏と最初に手掛けた〈OMOTESANDO KOFFEE〉(2011)で試みたデザインアプローチともつながっている。

正面のカウンターは、表参道の〈KOFFEE MAMEYA〉と同じように豆を販売したり、テイクアウトに対応したりするスペースである。その奥に左右2本の動線が続き、中央の作業台で働くバリスタを囲むようなコの字型のカウンター席を設けた。そこは言うなればバリスタが技を存分に発揮する舞台装置である。ここでは、1組に1人の熟練したバリスタがつき、技術や所作、接客を存分に楽しむことができる。

最初の〈OMOTESANDO KOFFEE〉からちょうど10年が経ち、世界中の素晴らしいロースターと培ってきた信頼関係や、在籍するバリスタたちが積み上げてきた技術があってこそ実現した業態である。ここは、國友氏がつくりたかった、バリスタたちの活躍できる新しいステージなのだ。これから国内外のシェフやパティシエを店に迎え、さまざまなコーヒーとの掛け合わせ(kakeru)を提案することで、コーヒーのポテンシャルを最大限引き出すような、これまでにはない新しいコーヒー体験ができる場所になるだろう。(林 洋介)

A coffee shop with a counter inserted to make the most of the appearance of the warehouse

<KOFFEE MAMEYA –Kakeru–> is a new business model of <KOFFEE MAMEYA”> (2017) by Eiichi Kunitomo, a barista. By setting up seating in addition to the conventional counter style, customers can enjoy everything from a single cup of coffee to full service, including courses, pairings, and cocktails.

In our search for an environment that would provide the space and time to fully experience this kind of service, we found ourselves in Kiyosumi Shirakawa, Tokyo.
As a remnant of a former water transportation hub, we decided to open a new shop in a warehouse that can still be found in this city.

At the start of the design process, the exterior of the warehouse, which still retains the unique appearance of this location, was kept as much as possible, and space was configured as if only a rectangular body was inserted into the building, containing a cube-shaped counter representing the newly planned services.
This is also connected to the design approach we took in our first project with Kunitomo, <OMOTESANDO KOFFEE> (2011).

The counter in front of the building is a space for selling beans and take-out, just like <KOFFEE MAMEYA> in Omotesando. At the back of the counter, two lines of traffic lead to the left and right, and the U-shaped counter seats surround the barista working at the central table.
This is a stage set for the baristas to show off their skills to the fullest. Here, each group is assigned a skilled barista, and they can fully enjoy their skills, gestures, and customer service.

Ten years have passed since the first <OMOTESANDO KOFFEE>, and this business model was made possible by the trust that has been cultivated with great roasters around the world and the skills that the baristas have accumulated.
This is the new stage that Kunitomo wanted to create, where baristas can play an active role.
By inviting chefs and patissiers from Japan and abroad to the store and proposing various combinations (Kakeru in Japanese) of coffee, the shop will become a place where people can experience a new coffee experience that has never been seen before maximizes the potential of coffee. (Yosuke Hayashi)



設計:14sd / Fourteen stones design
担当:林 洋介




Location: 2-16-14, Hirano, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Principal use: Cafe
Client: Eiichi Kunitomo / Shikouhin-Kenkyusyo
Completion: 2021

Architects: 14sd / Fourteen stones design
Design team: Yosuke Hayashi
Creative Direction: Tomohiro Kato / EDING:POST
Furniture: E&Y
Contractor: Kurihara Naiso

Photographs: Ooki Jingu

Site area: 178.44m²
Building area: 126.71m²
Total floor area: 149.71m²
Design term: 2020.01-2020.12
Construction term: 2020.10-2021.01