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店舗空間の本来もっている、スケルトンの年月が経ったコンクリートの表情を活かしていくことを前提に、コンクリートの強い表情に負けない名栗加工フローリングや木毛板の表情がうまく調和され空間の下地をつくる。下地空間に清潔感のあるさまざまな暖簾を、カウンターにはつくり手と来客者を分ける水引暖簾を、小上がり席を仕切る暖簾、外部と内部の目線を区切る長暖簾、店舗アピールをする日除け幕暖簾と、機能によって使い分けることでさまざまな場を創出している。使用素材やカラーはシンプルにしているが、居酒屋としての使い勝手のよさを暖簾のうまい使い分けによって、空間の一体感と個としての守られ感を併せ持つ暖簾居酒屋としている。(橋谷 昇)

An izakaya where a variety of places are created with the noren as an accent

Open from the evening until late at night, offering izakaya snacks and solid meals. The store was opened to cater to people living there and drink until late at night. By keeping the cost per customer (from 5,000 yen), which is quite reasonable for its location in Azabu Juban, the store aims to be used as a casual izakaya and supported by familiar customers.
In the store design, while being conscious of creating the casual atmosphere of an izakaya, various usability scenarios are envisioned, and the noren curtain is used as an accent throughout to create a variety of venues. The usability of the space as an izakaya is the original meaning of the customer’s visit to the restaurant and is in line with the clear concept of the restaurant as an izakaya with a “gap” where the management can provide high-quality food served at its affiliated Ginza restaurants, we have created a space with “usability” and “materiality” matching this place, this performance, and this time of day. The interior design theme is “usability” and “materiality,” which matches this place, this presentation, and this time.
The flooring and wood planks are designed to harmonize well with the strong expression of the concrete, creating the base of the space. There are various types of noren in the basement space that give a sense of cleanliness, a mizuhiki noren at the counter, a noren that separates the raised seats, a long noren that blocks the line of sight between the outside and the inside, and a sunshade curtain that appeals to the store.
Although the materials and colors used are simple, the usability of the izakaya is achieved through the skillful use of the noren, creating a sense of unity and individuality in the space. (Noboru Hashiya)

【麻布十番 あさごや】

所在地:東京都港区麻布十番3-7-5 マスコビル麻布弐番館B1

担当:橋谷 昇、中村晴菜

撮影:淺川 敏


【Azabu-juban Asagoya】

Location: Masukobiru Azabu Nibankan B1, 3-7-5 Azabu-juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Principal use: Bar, Izakaya
Completion: 2022

Architects: 848Design
Design team: Noboru Hashiya, Haruna Nakamura
Constructor: Kenyousya

Photographs: Satoshi Asakawa

Construction type: Renovation
Main structure: Reinforced Concrete
Total floor area: 52.50m²
Design term: 2022.02-2022.04
Construction term: 2022.04-2022.05

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