Carpyen Capsule table light

©︎ Aaron Hargreaves / Foster + Partners

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イギリスの建築設計事務所フォスター・アンド・パートナーズのインダストリアルデザインチームが設計した、〈カルピエン・カプセル・テーブル・ライト(Carpyen Capsule table light)〉が、パリで開催されたメゾン・エ・オブジェ(Maison&Objet)で発表された。


Carpyen Capsule table light

©︎ Aaron Hargreaves / Foster + Partners




Carpyen Capsule table light

©︎ Aaron Hargreaves / Foster + Partners



Carpyen Capsule table light

©︎ Aaron Hargreaves / Foster + Partners


Carpyen Capsule table light

©︎ Aaron Hargreaves / Foster + Partners

以下、Foster + Partnersのリリース(英文)です。

Carpyen Capsule table light launched at Maison&Objet

Capsule, a new family of table lights designed for Carpyen has been launched at this year’s Maison&Objet Fair in Paris.

Designed by the industrial design team at Foster + Partners, the new product reflects the diversity of the practice’s output.

Capsule is a family of table lights designed to capitalise on the unique materiality of alabaster rock. Their pillowed cylindrical forms are defined by soft continuous curves that allow for even illumination throughout the lamp, revealing the depth and unique textural detail of alabaster rock.

Manufactured by Carpyen in Spain, each lamp is individually lathed from locally sourced rock, sustaining traditional and local manufacturing. Given the naturally varied colours and veining of alabaster, each lamp is unique, celebrating the natural beauty of the material through its simplified form. The soft curves allow for a consistent thickness of material, avoiding dark spots that form with more angular geometry.

Mike Holland, Head of Industrial Design, Foster + Partners, said: “Capsule capitalises of the natural properties of alabaster to create a carefully crafted lamp. Its simple form allows the richness of the material to shine through, with every piece embodying a distinctive presence.”

Designed to provide soft light to any commercial or residential space, Capsule is available in three different sizes. Seated on a thin bronze band the lamps can be dimmed by a discreet touch sensor at the base.

The practice has also designed the fully recyclable packaging box for shipping the lamp. A protective cardboard spaceframe eliminates the need for plastic filling materials and the lamp is further protected with a hessian bag. Using single-coloured ink and reducing the use of stickers also enhances the lamp’s environmental credentials.

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