House in Hakuraku

白楽の住居 / タトアーキテクツ





街並みに倣った外殻と、地勢に向けた内部の柱梁、そのせめぎ合いによって生まれた空間のゆらぎと奥行き。それらの響き合いと、さまざまに仕立てられた各要素によるポリフォニー。室内に林立する柱と、間に散らばる床、その上のツリーハウスのような部屋をくるくると動き回りながら暮らす家族のための家だ。(島田 陽)


At this house – a residence designed for a family of four – it was requested that everyone in the family should be able to feel the presence of each other regardless of where they are in the house.

The design is based on the fixed topography of the site at the top of a hill, and the expectation that there will not be any big changes to the quiet residential area of the surrounding in the future.
On the site, there was an aging main house and a rental building; we decided to rebuild both houses using the same composition. The volumes of the gable roofs were placed concerning the original layout and form, to keep the persimmon tree in the garden and to preserve the memories of the town as much as possible.

With the interior, it was essential to consider the ways to convey the signs of the family’s presence and to design rooms that can accommodate changes in their lifestyles and the circulation at the same time. We were able to create a good viewpoint by lining up columns, and if it is needed, adding more split-levels, towards the southeast where it opens to the direction of the sky. We also placed a large window on the second floor creating a good view for the small living room, which is also a semi-outdoor area, resulting in a casual and relaxed place that connects with the surroundings.

The competition between the exterior that follows the townscape, and the columns and beams in the interior following the topography, produce a fluctuation and depth in the space.
The resonation of the two and various other elements, resulting in a polyphony. It is a house where a lifestyle is led by moving round and round in the rooms like a treehouse; the interior bristles with columns and floors are scattered in between the spaces.(Yo Shimada)



担当:島田 陽 今井康恵
構造設計:萬田 隆、加藤泰二郎 / tmsd 萬田隆構造設計事務所
外構・造園:古鍛治達也 / 植物事務所COCA-Z




【House in Hakuraku】

Principal use: House
Location: Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan

Year: 2017

Design: Tato Architects
Design team: Yo Shimada, Yasue Imai
Structure: Takashi Manda Structural Design

Structure team: Takashi Manda, Taijiro Kato
Planting: Tatsuya Kokaji / Atelier Botanique COCA-Z
Construction: creators ao

Photographer: Shinkenchiku_sha

Main structure: Wood
Scale: Two-story house
Building area: 91.90㎡
Total floor area: 178.39㎡

Design term: 2014.01-2016.03
Construction term: 2016.07-2017.02

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