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An easy-going house that honestly faces the land and surrounding houses

The site is at the southern end of a newly developed residential area, with a bamboo grove about 3 meters to the south and a field to the west. The bamboo forest to the south is quite dense, and the area could be used for housing at any time. Although the neighboring land is close, there is a gap of 2 meters. Since the houses have been there for several decades, I thought it would be unwise to give too much weight to the current situation. I don’t want to be too strict about the surroundings, but I want to be more generous.

First of all, out of respect for the surrounding houses, I made the east wall into a house shape. The shape is almost identical to that of the neighboring house. The roof is made of the same slate as the surrounding houses, and the walls are also made of the same slate to give a sense of discomfort. I decided to open the second floor as much as possible as a public space (LDK, terrace) and close the first floor as much as possible as a private space (bathroom, bedroom).

The second floor is open on all three sides except the east side, which looks like a house. I turned the “waist wall” around and made the western quarter into a terrace. When the fittings of the deck are opened, it looks like an observatory.
The first floor is closed on all three sides except the south side, where the sun enters. The ceiling height was reduced to create a contrast with the second floor. The only thing you can see here is the bamboo forest. Although it is in a residential area, it is like being in a mountain lodge.

Strictness about the surroundings can lead to a search for negative elements in the site. I did not settle on a single impression of the building because I wanted to be honest about the plurality of the surroundings. I aimed to create an architecture that would affirm to the maximum extent possible the land that the client had searched for and the place where he would live for decades to come. (Hironori Shirasu)



設計:design SU

撮影:繁田 諭


【House in Fujimidai】

Location: Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa, Japan
Principal use: Residential
Client: Individual
Completion: 2016

Architects: design SU
Design team: Hironori Shirasu
Structure engineer: Kataoka Structural Engineers
Contractor: Watanabe Isamu Komuten

Photographs: Satoshi Shigeta

Construction type: New building
Main structure: Wood
Building area: 47.62m²
Total floor area: 82.81m²
Design term: 2014.12-2015.10
Construction term: 2015.10-2016.03

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