hair terrace sooH / スタジオモブ





State paradox

This is a project to renovate and create a hair salon.
The charm of the site is the strong RC structure and the unique space that this place had originally. When you strip away the “heavy make-up” on the walls, you see what we think is an attractive condition. What already remains and what is to be newly created, including the unfinished but skeletal perfection of It was.We thought that harnessing this potential would create a new life, create thoughts for the people who would use it, and become a thoughtful space.

While cutting hair is necessary daily to maintain cleanliness, the hairdresser and the customer become one-to-one, so there is no doubt that the customer is a little anxious. The hairdresser should focus on intimacy with the customer during the job of cutting hair and gradually build up a trusting relationship. Build it up. A relationship that started as zero has grown to 10 or 100 by the time you finish cutting it. You can bring out the real personality of the person you are cutting hair with and transform them in any way you want. The act of bringing out the individuality of the person, sometimes to give them confidence, is a beautiful act in itself. Therefore, we believe that hairdressing is a fascinating profession.

By thinking of the space where the hairdresser is, as a place where the artist is, we started with the process of finding the individuality and finding the space as a way of being that is unique and respectful of character.
The skeleton of the building, which had been left untouched, was beautiful. Even the traces of before and after renovation became its character, and like art or sculpture, new elements were gently placed there. I proposed the appeal of the space created by not daring to finish it. (Akihiro Nakao + Yoshikazu Saito)

【hair terrace sooH】

所在地:大阪府八尾市北本町2-12-30 アンリハイツ102
クライアント:hair terrace sooH

担当:中尾彰宏 齋藤慶和

撮影者:塩谷 淳 / exp


【hair terrace sooH】

Location: 2-12-30 Kitamoto-cho, Yao-city, Osaka, Japan
Principal use: Hair salon
Client: hair terrace sooH
Completion: 2019

Architects: STUDIO MOVE
Design team: Akihiro Nakao, Yoshikazu Saito
Lighting planning: Endo Lighting
Contractor: Dote Kogei

Photographs: Atsushi Shiotani / exp

Construction type: Renovation / Interior
Total floor area: 70.3m²
Design term: 2019.07-2019.08
Construction term: 2019.08-2019.09

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