Office doors Headquarters / SUGAWARADAISUKE建築事務所




建築と家具の「中間体」であるジャイアントテーブル。それは、異なる用途や活動する人々、異なる風景をつなぎ合わせ、「もてなす / 働く / 集う」ための多様な居場所群をつくり出す。同時多発的なモノ・コト・ヒトを受けとめる中間体として存在するこの空間は、地域を中心にした多様な働き方の可能性を示しているといえるであろう。(菅原大輔)

An office centered on a huge table that receives and connects things, matters, and people

Centered on the head office showroom of the housing manufacturer “doors” based in Morioka, it is a business and regional base facility where the venue of the restaurant system incubation share office and regional events coexist.
These different uses are loosely divided/connected and coexist in the circular “Giant Table.”

The existing building of a former convenience store facing an arterial road faces the suburban city. On the other hand, the furniture and space of the giant table were arranged along the north-south axis, which is the earth’s axis, in order to confront the natural landscape of Mt.Iwate.
The interior space, where the two landscape axes coexist, creates a continuous expansion to the outdoors. The two multi-layered axes not only create continuity and breadth in the various landscapes but also create a sense of distance and interaction between people by intersecting and diverging lines of sight in the room.
By changing the height, depth, material, and color of the Giant Table and its surrounding circulation lines, we connect the existing landscape and building with three different uses, changing the functions of the stage, desk, partition, chair, and kids room loft.

The giant table is a “middle ground” between architecture and furniture. It creates a diverse group of places to “entertain, work, and gather” by connecting different uses, people doing different activities, and different landscapes. It can be said that this space, where there is an intermediary that receives things, things, and people in multiple ways at the same time, shows the possibility of a variety of ways of working centered on the region. (Daisuke Sugawara)




撮影:コンドウダイスケ / Photo Office-K

建築面積 改修部202m²
延床面積 改修部202m²
設計期間 2017.09-2017.12
施工期間 2018.01-2018.09

【Office doors Headquarters】

Location: Iwate, Japan
Principal use: Office
Client: doors inc.
Completion: 2018

Architects: SUGAWARADAISUKE Architects
Design team: Daisuke Sugawara, Ryosuke Kokubo, Hiroyuki Nakazawa
Lighting design:Toh-Design
Contractor: doors inc.

Photographs: Daisuke Kondo / Photo Office-K

Construction type: Interior, Renovation
Building area: 202m² (Renovation area)
Total floor area: 202m² (Renovation area)
Design term: 2017.09-2017.12
Construction term: 2018.01-2018.09

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