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インテリアの生き生きとした自然素材の質感に、北側から障子を通して柔らかい光が空間を満たす。診療所の「人の持つ自然回復力・治癒力に働きかける」という考えに寄り添うような、ゆったりとした時間が流れる待合空間となったのではないかと思う。(永松 淳)

The clinic is divided into different spaces by furniture and lighting to ensure a private, non-hospital-like atmosphere

When we visit a clinic as a patient, the atmosphere of the clinic can darken our minds.
The patterned atmosphere of the clinic, with its texturally chemistry materials on the floor and walls, and the long sofas built into the walls to maximize the number of seats, made me realize more than necessary that we were not healthy. We thought this was a particularly big negative in psychosomatic medicine, such as this project.

In psychosomatic and psychiatric medicine, patients need to be reassured that their privacy is protected. When we started designing, our clients told us that they required individual patient spaces separated by partitions. However, this would be expensive, and, above all, it would inevitably create an atmosphere of restraint and control on the part of the clinic. So I suggested a design that gently divides the space with large tables, furniture, and table lights, and the plan was approved.

First of all, a large table was placed in the center of the floor, and patients were seated around it. A custom-made table light placed at one end of the table in the center of the floor served as a blindfold to protect patients’ privacy. The aim was to create a space where patients can find their personal space, like a favorite coffee shop or a library, by configuring the room with various interiors so that patients don’t feel that the place is meant to be divided.
The texture of the interior’s lively natural materials and the soft light coming through the shoji that Japanese interior, screens from the north fill the space. The clinic’s concept of “working on the natural resilience and healing power of the human body” seems to have been incorporated into the design, creating a waiting area where time passes at a leisurely pace. (Jun Nagamatsu)



担当:永松 淳
照明:Fig Lighting Design

撮影者:繁田 諭

施工期間 2016.02-2016.05

【Tani Mental Clinic】

Location: 1626-1-101, niihashi, gotenba, Shizuoka, Japan
Principal use: Clinic
Completion: 2016

Architects: Jun Nagamatsu Architect
Design team: Jun Nagamatsu
Lighting:Fig Lighting Design
Furniture: Hao&Mei
Sign design: LIGHTS DESIGN
Contractor: Kadono mokko

Photographs: Satoshi Shigeta

Construction type: Interior
Total floor area: 126.56m²
Design term: 2015.09-2015.12
Construction term: 2016.02-2016.05

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