Little $uzie Apartment Osaka / Masaki Kato+KOSAKU


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A vintage building apparel shop that loosely connects products, furniture, and space

This Interior design project for an apparel store is located inside Osaka Norin Kaikan Minami-Semba, Osaka. This modern building was originally built in 1930 as an office for Mitsubishi Corporation. It is now home to many fashion-related stores and offices.

The existing space was characterized by arch beams, decorative walls, and two large windows that gave a sense of the atmosphere at the time of construction. Although the initial request was for an interior design, we felt it was unnecessary to change any of the existing interior structure as it was attractive enough in their current state. It was easy to draw attention to each product if we created a store with a clear contrasting composition on a vintage building and apparel brand products, but the experience of the space where awareness towards these things naturally mixes is lost. We proposed to design an intermediate element that would bridge existing space and products. This brings out the wholeness of the space by generously connecting new and old elements of various sizes, from doorknobs and clothes to pillars and beams.

In the existing space, we decided not to build walls that separate the backyard and fitting room but designed each fixture and door as an independent volume so that the entire space can be seen from anywhere and zoned the store by arranging and configuring each volume. In addition, by carefully setting an abstract scale and materiality to these volumes so that they do not lean toward categories such as clothing, furniture, or space, each volume act as a medium that connects each of the elements that make up the space. This project sought a possibility of a flexible store space by having these designed mediums creating connections to all the elements in the space and acting freely at the same time. (Masaki Kato + Kosaku Matsumoto)

【Little $uzie Apartment Osaka】

クライアント:Little $uzie

設計:Masaki Kato+KOSAKU



【Little $uzie Apartment Osaka】

Location: Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan
Principal use: Shop, Apparel shop
Client: Little $uzie
Completion: 2021

Architects: Masaki Kato + KOSAKU
Design team: Masaki Kato + Kosaku Matsumoto
Contractor: Takakura Construction

Photographs: Natsumi Kinugasa

Construction type: Renovation
Total floor area: 61.40m²
Design term: 2021.06-2021.05
Construction term: 2021.06-2021.07

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