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A villa consisting of two buildings to spend a second life

This project is a house for a retired couple to restart their second life in Minami-Karuizawa, where they will spend summers and weekends, gather family and guests, and pass the house on to the next generation. It is assumed that the couple will spend summers and weekends, that family and guests will gather, and that the house will function as the couple’s final home before being passed on to the next generation.
What is a second life at the age of 100 years of life? Taking a cue from the old Japanese way of life called “symbiosis,” or “living together,” we conceived of a house that would be close to the couple’s lifestyle.

The project site is located in the corner of a villa area surrounded by tall fir trees and with a panoramic view of Mount Asama. Asama in the distance to the northwest. When we stood on the planned site, we strongly felt that the landscape differed in every direction and that the environment was embraced by a variety of greenery. We wanted to take advantage of these lush green surroundings and the long east-west shape of the site to create a Karuizawa-like landscape and, at the same time, to create a living environment surrounded by gardens that change with the seasons, which appear as you walk through the building.
First, two buildings, the main building for the couple and the guest building for the guests, were arranged along the long site, connected by a corridor, and several gardens with different landscapes were placed facing the corridor and the openings of the rooms. The exterior has a sloping concrete roof that blends in with the surrounding mountain landscape, ensuring views and lighting to the forest and garden on the south while keeping a low profile to the neighboring land to the north. The interior of the large pitched concrete roof is a spacious, high-ceilinged space that allows the couple to maintain a moderate sense of distance from each other.
Natural materials that will blend in with the surrounding landscape over time are used in various parts of the house, as well as hardware handcrafted by craftsmen, to create an environment in which the couple can feel that they are living in harmony with nature and the flow of time in their daily lives.
The entrance on the east side of the house leads to a library on the west side, where artwork and comfortable furniture related to the architect are placed along the flow line, adding color to the couple’s second life with the changing seasonal expressions of the multiple gardens.
The “Second Life House,” a house with two large roofs, was conceived based on the site and design conditions and gently embraced the couple’s coexistence. (Kazuki Okada, Ayako Okada)



設計:R.E.A.D. & Architects
施工:建築工房 市川

撮影:Masaya Yoshimura(Copist)、Kosuke Ino、R.E.A.D. & Architects


【Symbiotic House for Life after retirement in Karuizawa】

Location: Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano, Japan
Principal use: Villa
Client: Individual
Completion: 2020

Architects: R.E.A.D. & Architects
Design team: Kazuki Okada, Ayako Okada
Structure engineer: Taketo Sato / Taketo Sato structural design
MEP engineer: Akio Chiku, Masatoshi Hasegawa / CHIKU ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS
Gardening: Naoki Nishimura / Nishimura Garden Craft
Contractor: Manufacture & Atelier Ichikawa

Photographs: Masaya Yoshimura / Copist, Kosuke Ino, R.E.A.D. & Architects

Construction type: New Building
Main structure: Reinforced Concrete construction, Steel
Building scale: 1 story
Site area: 1101.11m²
Building area: 264.93m²
Total floor area: 227.77m²
Design term: 2018.04-2019.06
Construction term: 2019.06-2020.07

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