Ristorante fanfare / FANFARE


福岡県福岡市大名にあるイタリアンレストランのデザイン。〈Ristorante fanfare〉のこだわりは、地元・九州で育まれた「厳選素材を活かし」、四季折々の「味」を提供していくこと。料理の説明など、お客さまと気軽にコミュニケーションができる店にしたいというシェフの想いがあり、「五感をデザインする」というコンセプトを設定。

〈Ristorante fanfare〉のコンセプトメイクから店舗設計、ロゴ・サイン・WEB・販促ツールなどのグラフィック、オリジナルのプレートやカトラリーレストなどのプロダクトデザインも含めたトータルデザイン・ブランディングを行った。

空間を計画する中で「素材を活かす」 というレストランのこだわりに注目。素材そのままを活かし、壁や天井には既存のコンクリートを利用。その他の素材は種類を最小限に抑え、無垢材や天然石を厳選した。「余分なものは置かず、食に集中できる環境を提供すること」をめざし、設計・検証を行いながら、空間をデザインした。また、キッチンを囲むカウンター席においては、お客さまが着座した際にはスタッフと目線が近くなるよう、座席フロアのレベルを厨房より高く設計した。そして、料理の印象に大きな影響を与える照明は適切な明るさの検証を幾度も重ねた。

A restaurant designed for the five senses and a "food experience"

Design of an Italian restaurant in Daimyo, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Ristorante fanfare’s commitment is to “utilize carefully selected ingredients” nurtured locally in Kyushu and to offer seasonal “flavors.” In addition, the chef’s desire to create a restaurant where he can easily communicate with customers, such as explaining the cuisine, led him to create the concept of “designing for the five senses.
An open kitchen is placed in the center of the restaurant so customers can enjoy “eating. At the counter, you can enjoy the delicate arrangement of dishes, the dynamic sound of cooking, and sometimes feel the kitchen’s heat. The aim was to create a space where diners could experience authentic Italian cuisine in a casual atmosphere suitable for anniversaries.

We provided total design and branding services, including concept creation, store design, graphics such as logo, signage, website, and sales promotion tools, and product design such as original plates and cutlery rests.

In planning the space, we focused on the restaurant’s commitment to “making the best use of materials. The existing concrete was used for walls and ceilings to take advantage of the materials. Other materials were kept to a minimum, and solid wood and natural stone were carefully selected. The space was designed and verified with the aim of “providing an environment in which people can concentrate on eating without excess materials. In addition, the counter seating surrounding the kitchen was designed with the seating floor level higher than the kitchen so that when customers sit down, they will have a closer line of sight to the staff. The lighting, which has a great impact on the impression of the food, was tested many times to determine the appropriate brightness.
By precisely balancing the interior, graphics, products, and other aspects of the overall space, we have created a space where customers can enjoy a special time while relaxing comfortably and enjoying their time with their main dish. (Seigo Kajiwara)

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