Material Waltz / ARED ARCHITECTS + Sato Tominaga


『日記装飾論』(著:Antonio Gaudi)より

“Material Waltz”は、建築リノベーションにおける装飾の舞踏を表現した計画である。






A renovation with a 22° tilted spatial axis that gives discipline and individuality

“Character” is the criterion of decoration, and the surrounding situation is determined by the “character” of the object.
From “Diary of Ornamentation” by Antonio Gaudi.

“Material Waltz” is a plan that expresses the dance of decoration in architectural renovation.

Waltz is a graceful dance in triple time. The score consists of five straight lines equally spaced, on which musical notes are drawn as symbols to form the music. The composed music consists of three beats, which develop into space as humans dance.

Waltz’s creative process gives a new perspective to the modern design method of renovation.

The five straight lines in equal intervals on the music sheet are the rules already given to music, and I felt the same discipline when I looked at the dismantled existing structure. In other words, the music score is similar to the rules of the existing architecture, and the straight lines on the screen are similar to the axes that determine the nature of the space. The existing condominium frame, standardized to a right angle, was given a 22° diagonal spatial axis obtained by responding to the actions of the building, and a new musical score was designed to give it a unique character.

By respecting the 22° diagonal line as the axis of the architecture, we thought that the elements inside and outside of the building would be unified like a piece of music, breaking the monotony of the space and creating a unique atmosphere. This concept integrates the layout and arrangement of the building to create a musical rhythm and harmony. We hoped that the building would appeal not only to its functionality and beauty but also to the emotions and experiences of its visitors. Music is widely recognized as a medium for expressing emotions, and we hoped that visitors could move from the surface to the depths of the city through their residence and stay in the building.

The note is the totality of materials, including scenery and people, which we call “Material” in general. We have given the design a “character” like the humans dancing in Waltz by giving the form a design that cannot be explained only by modern functionality. I thought the old and new materials with “character” would have their personality, and each would start asserting itself in one space, a single room. I aimed to have them intermingle brightly with the three beats of the world, morning, noon, and night as if they were dancing to Waltz. (Kazuhito Akaike)

【Material Waltz】


設計:ARED ARCHITECTS + Sato Tominaga
担当:Kazuhito Akaike(ARED ARCHITECTS)、Sato Tominaga

撮影:中村 晃


【Material Waltz】

Location: Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan
Principal use: Housing complex
Client: Individual
Completion: 2023

Architects: ARED ARCHITECTS + Sato Tominaga
Design team: Kazuhito Akaike / ARED ARCHITECTS, Sato Tominaga
Constructor: ROOVICE

Photographs: Akira Nakamura

Construction type: Renovation
Main structure: RC
Total floor area: 84.16m²
Design term: 2023.01-2023.03
Construction term: 2023.03-2023.07

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