Terrace Kukuna2 / BE-FUN DESIGN + POSTAR architects



区の緑道に面したこのテラスでは、近所の子供達が遊んで走ったり、通りがかった人が腰掛けて一息ついたり。ここに住む人だけの場所ではなく、周辺に住む人にとっても心地の良い場所になりつつもある。オーナー夫婦と入居者の間に生まれた、ひと昔前の下宿のような「空気感」が、次第にこの建築の外側にもにじみ出し、周辺の環境ごと暖かく濃密な時間の流れるコミュニティーにしていってくれることを願っている。(進藤 強)

The apartment house like a boarding house revived in modern times .

The house owners are a couple who moved to Tokyo from Mie Prefecture after leaving their longtime teaching jobs.

When it comes to rental housing, the majority of it is the owner’s residence, and often the tenants’ space is small. However, here, it’s not “owner>resident”; it’s “owner>resident”. Their relationship is on an equal footing. They’ll have a BBQ or a potluck on the outside terrace, and sometimes they’ll gather in the residents’ rooms for a party. The owner and the tenants, two people who normally would not interact with each other, spend the same time together in the same space—spending time together. It’s a bit like being at a friend’s house when you were a student.

This terrace, which faces the ward’s greenway, is where neighborhood children play and run, and passersby sit and Take a break. It is not just a place for the people who live here, but it is also becoming a comfortable place for the people who live in the surrounding area. The “sense of atmosphere” created between the owner and his wife and the tenants is gradually oozing out of the building, and it is becoming a comfortable place for the people living in the surrounding area. I hope that the entire environment will be a warm and dense community of the time. (Tsuyoshi Shindo)

【Terrace Kukuna2】


設計:BE-FUN DESIGN + POSTAR architects
担当:進藤 強(BE-FUN DESIGN)/ 菅原浩輝(POSTAR architects)



【Terrace Kukuna2】

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Principal use: Apartment house
Completion: 2018

Architects: BE-FUN DESIGN + POSTAR architects
Design Team: Tsuyoshi Shindo(BE-FUN DESIGN)/Koki Sugawara(POSTAR architects)
Contractor: GS BUILD Company ltd.

Photographs: Hiroyuki Hirai

Main structure: Wood
Building area: 75.88m²
Total floor area: 214.55m²
Design term: 2017.08-2018.02
Construction term: 2018.03-2018.12