JINSキャナルシティ博多店 / スタジオモブ





A eye-wear store with a small grid that extends to the entire space

This is a store design project for the eyewear brand JINS.
There are two main axes to the design of JINS stores across the country: one to set a theme for each store, and the other to express the uniqueness of JINS through the placement of fixtures, signage, and the eyeglasses (the brand’s products). In designing the interior of the store, the client wanted to create a store that would be somewhere in between, one that could enhance the new value of JINS while using existing fixtures.

When renovating a store, furniture is often installed when the interior is complete, and graphics are usually added at the end of the construction. So we came up with a plan in which space, fixtures, and signage are treated equally and coexist. We wanted to create a world where a new place was created by the signage and the furniture and racks in the space. Rather than expressing something with the materiality of materials often used to store design, such as latticework, wood flooring, and tiles, I wanted to use a grid to capture things as an expression of abstraction and transform nature of the space.

The fixtures used at JINS stores are designed to make each pair of glasses stand out using grid-like partitions to contain them. It is derived from a small grid that accommodates small products such as glasses, and covers the entire space with a grid, which is also used as an operational and design standard when installing signs and openings. (Akihiro Nakao + Yoshikazu Saito)


所在地:福岡県福岡市博多区住吉1丁目2 キャナルシティ博多2F

担当:中尾彰宏、齋藤慶和(スタジオモブ)/ 平岡裕也(バウハウス丸栄)/ 黒澤啓二郎(ジンズ)

撮影:塩谷 淳 / exp

設計期間 2019.09-2019.10
施工期間 2019.10.07-2019.10.24


Location: 1-2, Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, Japan
Principal use: Store
Client: JINS Inc.
Completion: 2019

Architects: STUDIO MOVE
Design team: Akihiro Nakao, Yoshikazu Saito(STUDIO MOVE)/ Yuya Hiraoka(BauhausMaruei)/ Keijiro Kurosawa(JINS)
Contractor: Bauhaus Maruei

Photographs: Atsushi Shiotani / exp

Construction type: Interior design
Total floor area: 79.23m²
Design term: 2019.09-2019.10
Construction term: 2019.10.07-2019.10.24