やま仙 / TERRAIN architects

ユーカリ材で丁寧に建ちあげた 茅葺の大屋根をもつ複合施設

(English below)


A complex facility with a large thatched roof carefully built from young Ugandan eucalyptus wood

“Yamasen” is a planned complex of restaurants and small stores serving locally produced food. The fertile soil, strong sunlight, and moderate rainfall have created a pleasantly shady environment where the trees grow thickly and produce an abundance of fruit and vegetables. The surrounding area is hilly, but the slope is so gently sloping that one would not notice it from standing on the site.
The rectangular plan avoiding the five existing trees is almost perpendicular to the contour line, and the approach from the ground to the main roof is like a dive. Eucalyptus wood was used for the wooden frame supporting the thatched roof. One of the most marketable timber species, it is often cut down in its young, branch-like state and used for shoring and scaffolding at construction sites, as it grows quickly and cashes in soon after planting. Careful supervision of the lumbering, drying, and other processes have enabled the erection of structures that take full advantage of their characteristics. Since the use of heavy machinery would have increased the cost at once, the members were assembled on the ground as much as possible and erected one by one by hand. The frame of the large roof is formed by connecting the necessary parts with braces made of welded round steel Φ12m. The “simplicity and ease of communication” were also important during the construction process. (Ikko Kobayashi, Fumi Kashimura)


所在地:ウガンダ共和国 ワキソ県 カンパラ市 タンクヒルロード2133
クライアント:Cots Cots

設計:テレインアーキテクツ / TERRAIN architects
担当:小林一行、樫村芙実、山下慎之介、Albert Wassa
構造設計:Erias Walugunbe、金田充弘 / 東京藝術大学
鈴木芳典、五十嵐日奈子 / TECTONICA
設計協力:Dream Architects
設備:Frank Mukunzi / Zoreka

撮影:Timothy Latim


【Yamasen Japanese Restaurant】

Location: 2133 Tank Hill Road, Kampala Town, Wakiso district, Uganda
Principal use: Restaurant, Cafeteria, Shop, Apparel shop
Client: Cots Cots
Completion: 2018

Architects: TERRAIN architects
Design team: Ikko Kobayashi, Fumi Kashimura, Shinnosuke Yamashita, Albert Wassa
Structure engineer: Erias Walugunbe, Mitsuhiro Kanada / Tokyo University of the Arts
Yoshinori Suzuki, Hinako Igarashi / TECTONICA
Contractor: Separately ordering
Local architects: Dream Architects
Equipment: Frank Mukunzi / Zoreka

Photographs: Timothy Latim

Construction type: New Building
Main structure: Mixed structure (Wood + Reinforced Concrete construction)
Building scale: 2 Stories
Site area: 3,371.00m²
Building area: 562.00m²
Total floor area: 785.00m²
Design term: 2014.11-2016.12
Construction term: 2017.01-2018.06

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