POLY house / ウエノアトリエ







Dwellings that are diverse and open to old and new residential areas in the town

This is a residence in Yamanashi Prefecture for a young couple and their three children.
The house is located on the edge of a recently developed residential area. On the north side of the house, there is an orderly row of neighborhoods, and on the south side of the site, there are older neighborhoods of varying shapes and sizes. We considered a dwelling with multiple facades for these two different environments.

To summarize, we prepared two volumes, a cube-shaped space on the north and south sides of the building, and where they overlap, a stairwell. The various planes and spaces of these three volumes are designed to wrap around the lives of five people in a bustling family.

To prevent snowfall in the winter, the foundation was set at 80cm above the ground. On the other hand, the block wall that surrounds the border between the house and the town is lower than usual, at the same height as the foundation, to avoid severing the connection between the house and the town.
Since the foundation was raised, the wall was thickened because the rising part was insulated, but the handrails, window sills, and waist walls are used for storage. Through this, the relationship with the town is transmitted to the interior through the outer wall, and an attempt is made to connect with the body of the person living in this house.

The openings combine windows of different sizes on the right and left to create one large window sill while enclosing the columns of the structure. These windows, which have become a feature of the house, create a sense of expression and transparency in the house’s elevation, while at the same time functioning as a frame from the inside to cut out the outside landscape. I made it possible for the occupants to recognize the relationship between the house and the surrounding old and new streetscape from time to time.

The elevation of the house, which looks like two blocks joined together, faces this way and that, which in turn influences the garden between the property line and the building, creating a variety of expressions. The garden is slightly different from the marginal garden on the south side of the site, which is also seen in the surrounding houses and is therefore unique how it opens up to the town. (Yoshinori Hasegawa, Fumie Horikoshi)

【POLY house】


設計事務所名:ウエノアトリエ UENOA
構造設計:坂田涼太郎 / 坂田涼太郎構造設計事務所

撮影者:繁田 諭


【POLY house】

Location: Yamanashi, Japan
Principal use: Residence
Completion: 2016

Architects: UENOA
Design team: Yoshinori Hasegawa, Fumie Horikoshi
Structure engineer: Ryotaro Sakata / Ryotaro Sakata
Structural Engineers
Contractor: Ishiguro Corporation

Photographs: Satoshi Shigeta

Structure: Wood
Building scale: 2 stories house
Site area: 256.28m²
Building area: 64.23m²
Total floor area: 117.89m²
Design term: 2014.01-2015.12
Construction term: 2015.12-2016.05