LIFORK Akihabara / sinato


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稚拙ではあるが、即物的に何かを連続させることは場のつながりを生むうえで非常に有効な手段である。何かフワッとした空間性を語るのではなく、質量のあるモノをつくることで明確に状況を生み出そうとする姿勢が、設計者にはこれからますます必要だと感じている。(大野 力)

A shared office with extended shelves connecting uses and locations

This is a shared office with event space and daycare center, which is a project of NTT Urban Development.
Located on the 4th floor of the Akihabara UDX office complex in front of JR Akihabara Station, which the company developed and occupied, it is expected to not only create a shared office space but also revitalize the entire 4th floor, smoothly connecting the commercial floors on the 1st-3rd floors with the office floors on the 5th and above.
Presented as a site were two tenant parcels. However, the two parcels are separated by the center core of the building and can only be accessed through a common corridor around the core. The biggest proposal we made, in the beginning, was to create a sense of unity in the entire shared office by crossing the scope of construction into the common area and forcibly connecting the two compartments, rather than just modifying the private areas, and by making the common passageway a part of the shared office rather than just a traffic space, we wanted to extend the behavior of the workers to the entire floor and revitalize it.
So I prepared a long shelf with a total length of 120 meters. This shelf starts as a display shelf in the lounge, then goes on to partition booths and private rooms in the shared office, lockers, signs guiding the common corridor, a gate to the daycare center, storage shelves in the conference room, and movable partitions in the event space, all while changing functions, penetrating the boundary between the exclusive use area, the common use area, and the exclusive use area to connect two distant compartments.
It may be clumsy, but it is a very effective way to create a connection between places to make a series of immediate things. I feel that it is more and more necessary for designers to try to create a clear situation by creating things with mass rather than talking about a fluffy spatiality. (Chikara Ohno)

【LIFORK Akihabara】


施工:NTT都市開発ビルサービス / PLUG-IN


【LIFORK Akihabara】

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Principal use: Shared office, Event space, Nursery
Client: NTT Urban Development
Completion: 2018.04

Architects: sinato
Design cooperation: KOKUYO
Lighting design: FDS
Planting construction: Takenaka Teien Ryokka
Construction: NTT Urban Development Building Service / PLUG-IN

Construction type: interior
Area: 1,421m²

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