港南台のほいくえん / ピークスタジオ


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安全・防犯を考慮して、閉ざされた保育園が多い中、地域に対して開放的なデザインとし、地域交流スペースを計画したことで、さまざまな交流が生まれ、その中から気付きや発見がある。(藤木俊大、佐屋香織、佐治 卓)

A nursery school where the community, parents, nursery teachers, and children are connected at an exchange salon facing the road

The nursery school is located near the park in Konandai, Yokohama City. Based on the concept of nurturing children in the bounty of nature and having nursery staff, parents, and the local community work together to face the children, we planned a “community exchange space” in the nursery school that is open to the community. The local people can see the children from outside and can understand the work of the nursery staff. We aimed to create a new type of nursery school to connect with the local people.

The community exchange space on the street side is an entrance for picking up children in the morning and evening, a salon for the community during the day for local people, and a stage used with the nursery during events. We aimed to create an architecture that would connect the childcare and the community, and that would not separate the community’s childcare.

Children’s environment and circumstances surrounding the care of children are changing. And these days, there are far too many children who are ignorant of nature. In nature’s bounty and harshness, an environment significantly stimulates children’s five senses and fosters their curiosity and inquisitiveness. We wanted to nurture the power of self-confidence from the architecture side and during the critical early years when children lay the foundation of humanity.
I also envisioned a future in which nursery school teachers, who are often thought of as “just playing with children,” would be able to give back by spreading their expertise to the community so that both parents and nursery school teachers themselves could face children with joy.

The community is gradually recognizing the nursery school. I feel that there are more and more opportunities for elementary school children I met at the park to come and play and for parents in the neighborhood to talk to me. The children are gradually getting used to it, and the number of things they can do is increasing.
Many of the nursery schools are closed off for safety and security reasons. Still, we designed the nursery schools to be open to the local community and planned space for community interaction, which has led to various interactions and discoveries. (Shunta Fujiki, Kaori Saya, Taku Saji)



担当:藤木俊大、佐屋香織、佐治 卓



【Nursery in Konandai】

Location: Konan-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, Japan
Principal use: Kindergarten, Centers for Early Childhood Education, Nursery
Client: Kodomo to Sodachi
Completion: 2019
Architects: PEAK STUDIO
Design team: Shunta Fujiki, Kaori Saya, Taku Saji
Contractor: Daido Kogyo Co.

Photographs: Nao Takahashi

Construction type: Renovation
Total floor area: 193.00m²
Design term: 2018.04-2018.05
Construction term: 2018.12-2019.03