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A compact house with large windows connecting the inside and outside

A site is an area where a residence crowds in Tokyo.
Since the restriction of the 7-meter minimum altitude had started, many houses of 3 stories were built and had been located in a line around the site.
Therefore, except for the south side, which a road connects, they were the conditions which cannot expect many taking in the outside environment to an inside.
In the limited site, when it was going to carving floor area in each required family’s room, it was very difficult to materialize each place as a room.
Therefore, not almost all the rooms except the circumference of water have prepared the partition.
Wherever it may be, each family is the space involved gently.

In the living-dining room space on the first floor, the large window(W2,000×H2,300) is wide open to the road.
It is planned for this window to serve as a place that acquires the patency of interior space and is connected with the exterior.

I think that giving the circumference and relation and securing privacy are generally considered conflicting.
However, in this house, privacy is not secured by intercepting relations but privacy is secured by controlling relations.
The DOMA floor has played the role of the control device.
The DOMA floor, which serves as the door, is an indoor front space.
The DOMA floor serves as a place to which the visitor from outside is sometimes invited, and then another, it serves as a place which works a house as an extension of indoor space.
The drawing-in door of four sheets which changes light and a sign softly, was prepared in the inner part of the DOMA floor.
The role of the relation of the DOMA floor is strengthened by carrying out usage which embraced the situation having shut the drawing-in door, obtaining and opening wide, or opening only a half.

It is mentioned to another feature of this house that it is a wooden fireproof building.
It is decided that the administration will support some building expenses for the construction of a fireproof building for the purpose of preventing the spread of a fire in the city area fire accompanying an earthquake.
By utilizing this support, though it is wooden, it has fire-resistant performance, and it became possible to hold down construction costs.(Masashi Ogihara)




撮影:中村 絵


【Nakano Minamidai House】

Location: Minamidai, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Principal use: Residential
Client: Individual
Completion: 2012

Architects: Masashi Ogihara Architect & Associates
Design team: Masashi Ogihara
Structure engineer: Shuji Tada Structural Consultant
Contractor: Hasebe

Photographs: Kai Nakamura

Construction type: New Building
Main structure: Wood
Building scale: 2 stories and Loft
Site area: 67.57m²
Building area: 41.39m²
Total floor area: 77.70m²
Design term: 2011.08-2012.02
Construction term: 2012.03-2012.07

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