グランピング・リゾート / スタジオ・トントン


ウリン材やブラック・リバー・ストーンなど、地元の素材を中心に構成されたホテルエリアは、既存の地形に対応した傾斜屋根で結ばれている。また、ツリーハウスの開口部を大きくしたり、ケーブハウス(洞窟ホテル)に自然の風を取り込むために円錐状の屋根にパイプを設置したりするなど、内外のつながりを重視している。(アントニー・リュー、TECTURE MAG抄訳)

A resort utilizing slopes that proposes a lifestyle

The Glamping Resort is located on the foot of Mount Salak by the city of Bogor, West Java. Along with the abundance of the existing tall bamboo trees, a river and the view towards the mountain and city, the 5.5 hectares site is compromised of a sloping landscape where its difference in level reaches over 75 meters from the top-most to the bottom-most point of the site. The resort encourages the experience of living with nature by providing unique ways of living (living in the forest, living among the trees, living in a cave) amidst the newly-introduced 1000 eucalyptus trees. Constructed mainly with locally sourced materials such as ulin wood shingles and black river stones, the hotel area is connected with one sloping roof that responses to the existing contour. The concept focuses on connectivity between the inside and outside through the use of elements, such as, wide openings in the Treehouses and pipe installation at the coned roof to let natural air breeze into the Cave Houses. (Antony Liu)



設計:アントニー・リュー / スタジオ・トントン


【Glamping Resort】

Location: Ciapus, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia
Principal use: Resort hotel
Completion: Under Construction

Principal Architect: Antony Liu / Studio Tonton
Design Team: Michella Vania, Teddie Gunawan Wijaya, Andreas Lukita Haliman, Octorino Tjandra

Site Area: 5.5ha
Built area: 8500m²

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