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〈ナゴミ・スイーツ〉の建築材料は、主に露出したコンクリートとバンキライ材(セランガンバツ材)で仕上げられている。(ウィヨガ・ヌルディアンシー、TECTURE MAG 抄訳)

Suite facilities with greenery connecting the outside to each floor

Nagomi Suites is an accommodation with full serviced suite room facilities located in South Jakarta. Located only 200 meters from Ayodya Park, a green- public space in neighbourhood, Nagomi Suites applied the concept of continuous greenery into the building from the park. Consisting of 6–storey, the greenery concept also been done vertically by giving each storey layers of garden, so every room units are having a view of private garden.

The building façade is facing west means receives the strongest sun at the hottest part of day time in tropical areas, Nagomi Suites applied balconies on the top storey room unit as sun shading. Nagomi Suites consist of 40 suite rooms. Each room has an area of 40.5 square meter; facilitated with private pantry, dining area, a bathroom with bathtub, and the private garden. The top storey used as a penthouse with one master bedroom, one bedroom, living area, dining area, also with a large rooftop terrace garden.

The corridors of Nagomi Suites building utilize natural cross ventilation from vent blocks that applied in the north and the east facade of the building. As the existing site already further below the main street, it used as basement parking zone with less landfill work on the site. The basement also functioned as building-service room. While in the one level up from the basement functioned as main lobby, next to the back office house and commercial area.

The Nagomi Suites building material is mainly finished with exposed concrete and bengkirai wood. (Wiyoga Nurdiansyah)


所在地:インドネシア ジャカルタ




【Nagomi Suites】

Location: Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
Building Type: Commercial
Completion: 2019

Principal Architect: Wiyoga Nurdiansyah
Project Architects: Muhammad Bagus Aditya, Amiratul Karimah

Photographs: Mario Wibowo

Ground Area: 800m²
Building Area: 3876m²

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