Sansan 神山ラボ OMOYA / shushi architects

古民家を再構成した サテライトワーカーのための居住空間

(English below)


Living space for the satellite workers reconstructed the old houses

Sansan has set up a satellite office Kamiyama lab in Kamiyama town Tokushima prefecture since 2010. OMOYA (Main house), NAYA (barn), and KOYA (cowshed), which have 100 to 70 years old, are located with moderate distance on-site. NAYA and KOYA, which are used as offices, were already renovated. The owner requested to improve the living environment of OMOYA as an accommodation and training place and renovate it so that workers can spend comfortably. The courtyard, which was surrounded by the three buildings, has a large cherry tree. Although it is an attractive place, it faced the back of the pre-existing kitchen, and its charm was not utilized. In addition, the pre-existing entrance located on the north of the house was dim and losing its role because visitors parked on the west side of the house, passed between KOYA and OMOYA, and approached from the pre-existing kitchen door. Therefore we converted the pre-existing kitchen into a new meeting space. Then this space is opened to the cherry blossom terrace in the courtyard that connects KOYA and NAYA. The pre-existing entrance is replaced as a new kitchen-faced entrance, making it attractive to guests with a wood stove. We interchanged their roles so that it would be an appropriate place to stay. In addition, the stairs were integrated into a small tatami room, the corridor and the walls of the southern tatami room were removed and reprogrammed into a simple plan as a whole. Kitchen, dining, north and south tatami rooms are connected and are used as independent or connected.
Most of the roofs, exterior walls, and wooden windows are kept as existing, and pillars, beams, soil walls with bamboo net, ceiling, and wood elements are also kept as much as possible. Thus, we keep in mind the harmony of new parts and existing parts.
Trying interchangeability of the traditional Japanese house plan and reconnecting each space creates an architectural environment that responds to living, accommodation, and training for modern office workers. We will tell the history of an old Japanese house and try renovation design to image future work and life to the generation who have never lived in an old Japanese house since birth. (Shuichiro Yoshida)

【Sansan 神山ラボ OMOYA】


設計:shushi architects
ダイニングテーブル:カフェ オニヴァ



【Sansan Kamiyama Labo OMOYA】

Location: 139, Jinryohigasiaoibu, Kamiyama-cho, Myozai-gun, Tokushima, Japan
Principal use: Accommodation
Client: Sansan
Completion: 2019

Architects: shushi architects
Design team: Shuichiro Yoshida
Structure engineer: Takata architects studio
Dining table: Café on y va
Contractor: Yamada construction firm

Photographs: Hisao Suzuki

Construction type: Renovation
Main structure: Wood
Building scale: 2 stories
Site area: 953.00m²
Building area: 126.93m²
Total floor area: 155.13m²
Design term: 2018.06-2018.10
Construction term: 2018.11-2019.03