HIGUMA Doughnuts Coffee Wrights 表参道 / CHAB DESIGN


(English below)

〈HIGUMA Doughnuts Coffee Wrights 表参道〉は、北海道の素材を使用した手づくりドーナッツを味わえる「HIGUMA Doughnuts(ヒグマドーナッツ)」と、良質なコーヒーを気軽に楽しめる「Coffee Wrights(コーヒーライツ)」の共同店舗である。

ドーナッツとコーヒーを求めて気軽に人が集まり、そのにぎわいがファサードへにじみ出す「ミナガワビレッジ」の玄関となるような設計とした。(髙塚 直樹)

A cafe space that gently connects inside and outside in a constantly changing place

〈HIGUMA Doughnuts Coffee Wrights Omotesando〉 is a joint store between HIGUMA Doughnuts, which offers handmade doughnuts using ingredients from Hokkaido, and Coffee Wrights, where customers can casually enjoy high-quality coffee.
Minagawa Village is a complex of five offices and other tenants sharing a lounge, garden, and kitchen in a quiet residential area near Omotesando Station. After a period of expansion, renovation, and vacancy, it was renovated in 2018 to take its current form. With the concept of “a place that continues to change,” it is still renewing itself.
The first floor of the building facing the road, the contact point with the community in Minagawa Village, became the stage for this project.

The room was divided into two sections with a 750mm difference in level and was dug in 650mm from the road. As a result, it was impressive that the greenery of the courtyard hill gently entered the view when walking on the street. Therefore, we decided to take a positive view of the steps and incorporate them into the design as an opportunity to “sit” and “put things.”
First of all, we used the difference in steps to create a dais-like seat. A part of the FIX window on the roadside is opened and closed with a large sliding door to let in the natural breeze, and by extending the seat to the roadside, it is connected to the outside bench seat using the rise of the foundation.
The materials already used in the facility, such as steel pipes, hot-dip galvanizing, and plywood, were incorporated to establish a relationship with the building as a whole.
The design is intended to be the entrance to “Minagawa Village,” where people casually gather for doughnuts and coffee, and the bustling atmosphere oozes out onto the facade. (Naoki Takatsuka)

【HIGUMA Doughnuts Coffee Wrights 表参道】

所在地:東京都渋谷区新宮前4丁目9−13 ミナガワビレッジ #5

担当:髙塚 直樹

撮影:長谷川 健太


【HIGUMA Doughnuts Coffee Wrights Omotesando】

Location: 4-9-13 Shin Miyamae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Minagawa Village # 5
Principal use: Cafe
Client: WAT
Completion: 2018

Architects: CHAB DESIGN
Design team: Naoki Takatsuka
Contractor: welcometodo

Photographs: Kenta Hasegawa

Construction type: Renovation
Total floor area: 51.26m²
Design term: 2018.05-2018.08
Construction term: 2018.08-2018.09

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