Dance of Light / 成瀬・猪熊建築設計事務所+a round Architects


地下鉄の駅を通過するという瞬間的な機会ではあるが、日々時間に追われた忙しない状況から一瞬離れて、人のスケールを超えた環境を感じることによって、大きな視点から世界と自分を見つめる場になってほしいと思っている。(成瀬友梨・猪熊 純)

A Meditation of Light in Everyday Life

This work was realized through an international competition held as part of a public arts project implemented by the city of Seoul from 2016. The area next to our site was used for a long period of time as a foreign army base. In 2017, it was announced that it would be transformed into a park for the people.
When we actually visited this station, the existing atrium was a long and boring space of just transportation down 4 floors underground. Even though there was a skylight, most people were either just busily walking through the space or were being transported by the escalator with their eyes glued to their cell phones.
To us, this space seemed to almost symbolize our world today – always kind of busy, always exposed to some sort of detailed information We therefore wanted to create a bright, gentle space for meditation in this station that would honor this region’s forthcoming future and hope for peace, and visitors could just empty their minds.
To be more precise, what we created was a huge, white dome made of expanded metal hung within the station’s atrium. Direct light from the skylight lights up a portion of the dome and bleeds out. It creeps slowly throughout the space along with the passage of time. At times, it gives the entire dome a soft glow. At night, the background of artificial lighting makes the dome almost invisible. From the surrounding corridors, the dome appears as an immensely large lantern.
What we designed in this project was an incredibly large volume of light and an incredibly slow trajectory of moving light. Both transcend the human scale.
While this offers only a momentary opportunity while passing through a station,
we hope that by removing yourself for a moment from the everyday busyness of life
and sensing this environment that transcends the human scale,
this station can become a place where you can look back from a larger perspective on yourself and the world. (Yuri Naruse・Jun Inokuma)

【Dance of Light】


設計:成瀬・猪熊建築設計事務所+a round Architects
担当:成瀬友梨、猪熊 純、鳥居希衣(成瀬・猪熊建築設計事務所)、パク・チャンヒョン、チャ・ユンジ(a round Architects)
コンダクター:チョ・ジュヨン / ティーポット
構造設計:木下洋介構造計画 / 木下洋介、ウン構造技術士事務所 / ドン・グンウク
施工:チェ・ソクファン / イルアデザイン金属



メッシュパネル:エキスパンドメタル(白色塗装)2.3T(sungwon industry SS242 ソンウォン産業)
照明:Jin Sung Electronic ジンソン電子

【Dance of Light】

Location: Seoul, Korea
Principal use: Subway station
Client: Seoul Metropolitan Government
Completion: 2019.03

Architect: NARUSE・INOKUMA ARCHITECTS, a round Architects
Design Team: Yuri Naruse, Jun Inokuma, Kie Torii (NARUSE・INOKUMA ARCHITECTS), Changhyun Park, Yoonji Cha (a round Architects)
Conductor: Cho Ju-Yeon / tpot
Structural engineer: Yosuke Kinoshita (Kinoshita Structural Engineers), Keun-Wook Dong / EUN Structural Engineers
Contractor: Seok-hwan Choi / IL-A Metal Design

Main structure: Steel
Planning area: 2722.02m²
Design period: 2018.09-2018.10
Construction period: 2018.11-2019.03

Photographs: Masao Nishikawa

# NARUSE・INOKUMA ARCHITECTS YouTube Officcial Channel「Dance of light | NARUKUMA + a round architects」(2019/09/03)