料亭松子 / 堤由匡建築設計工作室


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3階はすべて個室を配置して、落ち着いたフロアとした。屋根裏の天井高さを活かすように、床の間の違い棚を高い天井までダイナミックに展開し、間接照明を仕込んだ。これは修学院離宮・霞棚の参照である。(堤 由匡)

A Japanese restaurant that reconstructs and quotes traditional patterns and motifs

A three-story old house on the shores of Hangzhou’s West Lake was renovated into a Japanese restaurant. The second and third floors’ calm atmosphere was renovated into a Japanese restaurant with an independent entrance (The first floor is “Matsuko Fast-food“).

The restaurant’s entrance is located on the second floor with a low ceiling, so we focused on the wall surface as an eye-catcher. In front of the entrance, the openwork lattice is a traditional hemp leaf pattern, divided into two layers of rhombus and equilateral triangles, and reconstructed. When viewed from the front, the hemp leaves are perceived as the center of the visual field, and the pattern shifts as the periphery of the lattice shifts. The shoe rack is processed with Naguri processing to give them a beautiful shaded look.

Half of the second floor’s seating area is reserved for private rooms, which are partitioned with taiko-patterned shoji screens to create a simple double-lattice backdrop. The other half of the seating area in the hall, with a double hemp leaf grid behind the tables. The openings are made of snow-watching shoji screens, which allow light to enter and block out the outside’s realistic scenery and enable the guests to feel the vegetation on the veranda.

All the private rooms are located on the third floor to create a relaxed atmosphere. To make the most of the high ceiling in the attic, I dynamically arranged the different shelves in the alcove to the high ceiling and installed indirect lighting. This is a reference to the ‘Kasumidana’ of Shugakuin Rikyu. (Yoshimasa Tsutsumi)



設計: 堤由匡建築設計工作室
担当:堤由匡、洪秀秀、羅帥鵬、彭瑶君*、張斯朗*  (*印:インターン)
施工: 杭州豊元装飾設計工程有限公司



【Ryoutei Matsuko】

Location: 92 Xueshilu, Shangcheng district, Hangzhou city, Zhejiang, China
Principal use: Restaurant
Client: Songzi Canyin Youxian Gongsi
Completion: 2020

Architects: Tsutsumi and Associates
Design team: Yoshimasa Tsutsumi、Xiuxiu Hong、Shuaipeng Luo、Yaojun Peng*、Silang Zhang* (*mark: intern)

Facility Planning: Hoshiaki Ishikawa, Katsunori Takebayashi, Ryuji Yamazaki(Beijing Dongzhouji Technical Consultation)
Lighting design: Makiko Ishioka (Ljus Design)
Contractor: Hangzhou Fengyuan Zhuangshi Sheji Gongcheng Youxian Gongsi

Photographs: Sensor Images

Main structure: Mixed Construction
Construction type: Renovation
Total floor area: 260.20m²
Design term: 2019.09-2019.12
Construction term: 2019.12-2020.05