GPH ハウス / Wiyoga Nurdiansyah


2階には主寝室と子供部屋があり、プライベートなゾーニングとアクティビティが充実している。居住者が2階に容易にアクセスできるよう、長いスロープを設置した。サービスエリアは3階にあり、動線が居住者とは分離されている。(ウィヨガ・ヌルディアンシー、TECTURE MAG 抄訳)

Urban housing that mixes the interior and exterior using two types of boxes

GPH House is a private residence in the middle of urban area in South Jakarta. The house facade is facing west sun which received more heat in a year, therefore it overcome by making an inner court to reduce the west sun heat to facade.
The house consists of two main boxes of different materials with small gap opening. The first box is a concrete box and the second box is an expose brick box. The used of these materials aims to minimizing maintenance. The exposed brick applied to the interior, give the house warm feeling.
The ground floor contain of communal area. From the main entrance we enter to foyer area that facing directly to rear garden with big opening. The big opening gives a natural lighting and good air circulation to the foyer. The living and dining room separated by small terrace as buffer between indoor and outdoor space in tropical house. The master bedroom and children’s’ bedroom located on the second floor, giving more private zoning and activities. The second floor reached using a long ramp to give easy access for the house occupant. The services area located on the third floor with separated access. (Wiyoga Nurdiansyah)

【GPH ハウス】

所在地:インドネシア ジャカルタ



【GPH House】

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Building type: Residential
Completion: 2019

Architects: Wiyoga Nurdiansyah, Adecya Louis Azzahro, Amiratul Karimah

Size: 332.7m²

Photographs: Paskalis Khrisno

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