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創業101年、新社屋建設後約30年を経た印刷工場のリノベーションプロジェクト。 印刷工場の記憶を一新し、まったく新たな用途であるスタジオを立ち上げるなかで、過去とどう向き合うかが1つの課題であった。 通例となる過去と現在の共存を空間価値とするリノベーションに、これからつくっていく場の進化や変化、意思をありのままに落とし込み表現することをチャレンジとした。
施工前日まで使用されていた印刷工場の記憶に、解体しながら新しいマテリアルを載せていった。外部エントランスは、既存タイルを剥がすのみ。隣り合う従来のタイルの表情が新しく見え始めた面を強調する。 入口は、従来の床など環境をところどころに残しながら、新たな空間要素が印象を一新する。
後戻りできない、手の動きがダイレクトに反映される仕上げが、新しく空間をつくり上げる行為や所作をも記憶させる。 壁の木毛板は、割付けと表面処理、納まりを工夫し機能面とタイルのような意匠面を両立している。 残す記憶に、新たな場づくりの過程を刻むことで、新しい時代への変化の意志を感じさせる空間となった。(堀田純希)

An event space that leaves the memory of the printing factory and creates it as it is

This is a renovation project for a printing factory that has been in business for 101 years and about 30 years after the construction of the new building. In renewing the memory of the printing factory and establishing a completely new use for the studio, one of the issues was how to deal with the past. The challenge was to express the evolution, change, and intention of the space to be created in a renovation where the value of the space is the usual coexistence of the past and present.
This space still retains all the outlines of the past. It is not covered up with anything new, nor is it hidden behind anything. There are many different ways to see and touch the space, and the places that have been modified and the untouched places coexist and mix.
We put new materials on the memory of the printing factory used until the day before the construction while dismantling it. For the exterior entrance, we only removed the existing tiles. The expression of the neighboring tiles emphasizes the new surface. New spatial elements renew the impression at the entrance while retaining the existing environment in places, such as the floor.

The crazy-patterned curtains, as a symbol of a new sense of value in which materials of various orientations, properties, and textures coexist, draw a soft boundary between the entrance, which is mainly a conventional space, and the new back hall. In the back hall, a special finish that reacts chemically is used on the floor, while the frame is left as it is, and it becomes a material that drops a vivid expression of change into the space.
This finish, which cannot be turned back and directly reflects the movement of the hand, reminds us of the act and gesture of creating a new space. The wood-wool cement boards on the walls are designed to be functional and tile-like in design by devising the layout, surface treatment, and delivery. By inscribing the process of creating a new space on the memories left behind, the space evokes the will to change into a new era. (Junki Horita)

【fireworks studios】

クライアント:勝田印刷、EDGEof Creative



構造: 鉄筋コンクリート造
規模: 1フロア

【fireworks studios】

Location: Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Principal use: Event space, Studio
Client: Katsuta Printing, EDGEof Creative
Completion: 2021

Design team: Junki Horita, Yuka Kimura
Contractor: HAKUTEN, REM

Photographs: JUNPEI KATO

Construction type: Renovation
Main structure: Reinforced Concrete construction
Building scale: 1 floor
Total floor area: 90.00m²
Design term: 2020.07-2020.11
Construction term: 2020.12-2021.02